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Meet Aspinline's Customers: Ella Daniel-Lowe from Luna Lotus

Aspinline 15 / 03 / 19

Meet Ella Daniel-Lowe

Ella Daniel-Lowe is the creative mind behind Luna Lotus. Luna Lotus is a design-led clothing, accessories and home decor brand, that allows Ella to express her love of nature and the natural world. All products feature her own artwork that explores themes of nature, space and a little bit of mysticism!

Ella established her brand in 2016 when she began making screen-printed t-shirts to order. She then took part in the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Course and, through a grant, was able to buy a screen-printing setup and was paired with a business mentor. As Ella’s brand has evolved, it has meant that she has started to have her products manufactured for her, so she can focus on the artwork and designs of her collections.

We recently spoke to Ella after creating a custom patch for her new collection to find out more about how she will be using her new patch, and her experience working with Aspinline.

Luna Lotus & Aspinline

How do your products and collections come to be?

"Last year I ran a Kickstarter to produce an entire collection of accessories, that was just as an experiment really but it ended up being really successful. So usually I now design things and then release complete collections mostly through Kickstarter."

What was your overall experience working with Aspinline?

"Really great, you guys are amazing! One of the main reasons that I tried to use you in the first place was because I really liked that you had so much information on your website like you have all the twill charts and thread charts and that’s so helpful as a designer to have that kind of thing. A lot of companies don’t do that or have that available and it just makes the design process so much easier and streamlined because you can just design something and make the final product as close to the original design as you can possibly have it, so that’s great. It’s also helpful having all the updates as well! Also, everything I’ve ever ordered has always come before the estimated delivery time - which is a nice bonus too! Even when I ordered things close to the Christmas period last year, they still came really promptly so I have no complaints at all!"

Luna Lotus Patches

How was it working with the Aspinline team?

"You are all so helpful and knowledgable, and everybody is friendly! It seems like people really want to work with you to help you create the thing as you envisioned it. Sometimes you can get people trying to just get it done quickly, so then you might end up with something that isn’t quite how you wanted it to be, but it’s always great with you guys."

What will you be using your new patch for?

"This patch is part of my Full Moon Project that I am working on in 2019. In celebration of the full moon each month this year, on the day of each full moon I’m releasing limited edition designs, opening up exclusive sales, running giveaways and more. Each full moon of the year has name and meaning behind it which is reflected in the Full Moon project releases.

March's moon is the Crow Moon, named because the cawing of crows in the evening signals the end of winter – March’s full moon is the last moon of Winter. I’ve designed this limited edition glow in the dark Crow Moon in collaboration with you guys to celebrate the Crow Moon and wave goodbye to Winter once again."

Ella’s Crow Moon patch is on sale from today and you can purchase it from her website! Check it out here:

Crow Moon Patch

Can you tell us about the quality of your Aspinline orders?

"It’s really great, it looks almost just like an exact copy of the artwork that I made in Illustrator! Other patches you’ve made have been amazing as well, there’s one that I had made and it had a round full moon and I think maybe the design hadn’t worked that well with one method that you had used make the patches, so you just sent the ones that you’d made originally that didn’t quite work and also a corrected version of it as well, which was really amazing that you sorted that out because I didn't even say anything about it, it was like you picked up on that quality checking and took the initiative to sort it out which is just so good!"

Luna Lotus Patches

Would you recommend Aspinline products to others?

"Yeah definitely, I do all the time! I think you’re really good to work with as well for people who maybe haven’t designed a patch before, or people who are looking to have a first design manufactured because you’re so helpful and have so much information available."

Thank you to Ella for taking the time to talk to us. We love playing a part in helping make her out of this world designs come to life!

If you would like to make custom patches just like Ella you can order online here or contact us today - 0117 956 6657 / [email protected].