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Create custom lanyards with Aspinline used widely by a vast range of different industries, from the NHS to event management companies and every business in between. As a trusted, UK supplier of personalised lanyards, we provide our products to organisations and staff who need a means of displaying identification, and authority, as well as companies who need their employees to keep keys/ID secure and safe and on their person. 

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Organisations Aspinline have worked with

Personalised & Custom Lanyards 

Lanyards are one of the world’s leading and most popular promotional items for businesses. A good custom lanyard can generate a strong reaction, drawing attention and enhancing brand recognition. At Aspinline, we offer a range of custom lanyard options to suit your needs, whether that be for day-to-day uniforms, event identification for promotional and marketing campaigns or even personal use. Upload your chosen digital information online or contact our team today for assistance and to take advantage of our superior customer service.

The features of our custom lanyards 

At Aspinline, we take pride in offering a diverse range of customisation options to meet all your personalised lanyard needs. Whether you have a specific style or design in mind, we can help turn them into finished custom lanyards to be proud of. We use high-quality materials so your custom lanyards will be resilient and durable throughout day-to-day use. Choose from our range of lanyards such as:

Flat polyester lanyards 

Heat transfer lanyards 

Tube lanyards 

Nylon lanyards 

Woven lanyards 

Double ended lanyards 

Reflective lanyards 

What are lanyards used for?


Be it a music festival, conference, or sporting event, organisers frequently distribute lanyards to attendees. These not only serve as access passes but also double as memorable keepsakes or effective promotional items.


Within healthcare settings, lanyards play a crucial role in securely holding vital items like staff identification badges, access cards, or keys to medication cabinets. The implementation of colour-coded lanyards serves to indicate distinct roles within the hospital, facilitating swift and efficient identification.

Trade fairs and conventions 

In large-scale industry fairs and conventions, lanyards are crucial for identification and networking purposes. Both exhibitors and attendees commonly wear them, often containing information such as the event's branding or sponsor logos, creating a cohesive sense of community.

Schools and universities 

Schools and universities often use lanyards to distinguish students, staff, departments, and visitors. Lanyards in educational settings also serve practical purposes such as access control, while also serving as a tool to foster and promote school spirit.

Security personnel 

Security professionals in diverse industries use lanyards for convenient access to their identification and access cards. In such scenarios, high-visibility or reflective lanyards prove especially beneficial.

Marketing and promotions 

As well as a means to provide identification, lanyards can also serve as promotional tools featuring slogans, logos, contact information and even QR codes making them vital for advertising in mobile settings.

The benefits of using lanyards 

Cost Effective

Bulk ordering of lanyards proves exceptionally economical. The more you acquire, the lower the cost per lanyard, making it a budget-friendly investment.

Enduring Durability

Designed to withstand the rigours of daily use, lanyards are resilient and long-lasting, ensuring that your investment continues to deliver value over an extended period.

Simplifies Access

Say goodbye to fumbling through pockets or bags to find IDs or keys. Lanyards keep essential items within reach, streamlining access and ensuring a seamless journey to your destination.

Elevates Brand Presence

Transform your employees into walking ambassadors by having them wear branded lanyards—a cost-effective strategy to amplify your brand's visibility.

Enhances Security

Customising lanyards with distinctive logos provides a quick visual cue for identifying authorised personnel, and fortifying workplace security by keeping unwanted individuals out and authorised people in.

Fosters Team Collaboration

In large-scale organisations, establishing connections can be challenging. Lanyards featuring names and positions allow for easy recognition, promoting improved teamwork and collaboration.

Why choose Aspinline for your custom lanyards?

We’re different to many businesses that offer custom lanyards in the UK, as we offer instant pricing & ordering available online to let you know upfront the cost to bring your personalised lanyards to life. With FREE delivery and 5-star customer service, Aspinline offers one of the best solutions to make your dream custom lanyards a reality. For questions or advice please use our contact us form or call us now on 0117 313 5319. No matter what you need, the team at Aspinline are here to help you find your perfect lanyard.