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Martial Arts Patches

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At Aspinline, you can create your very own custom martial arts patches including karate patches, taekwondo patches, jiu-jitsu patches, kung fu patches and more! It’s as simple as uploading your design and/or brief and letting Aspinline turn it into a beautifully finished martial arts patch. Martial arts patches from Aspinline are premium quality, and secure, and we offer free, on-time delivery! 

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Our Martial Arts Patches

Martial arts patches are the perfect accessory for showcasing your achievements and progression in your respective martial art. Whether you plan to use them on your martial arts gi, uniform, kit bag or tracksuit, our custom martial arts patches provide a sense of pride and accomplishment among students, instructors and clubs. At Aspinline, you can choose from a diverse range of patches such as embroidered patches, woven patches and more!

Different Types of Martial Arts Patches

Martial arts patches are the perfect accessory to represent your club and display your merits. At Aspinline, we can create a whole range of martial arts patches such as: 


  • Instructor patches
  • Merit patches
  • Club patches
  • Karate patches
  • Taekwondo patches
  • Jiu-jitsu patches
  • Kung fu patches
  • Belt patches
  • National flag patches
  • Arm patches
  • Rank patches
  • Tournament patches

The Purpose of  Martial Arts Patches

Custom martial arts patches play a crucial role in martial arts facilities serving many purposes, such as welcoming new members, enhancing participation, boosting morale, fostering a competitive spirit, and contributing significantly to the overall learning experience. Some of the many uses of martial arts patches include:

Signifying Ranks

As students progress through various stages and learn from multiple instructors, custom patches affixed to their uniforms represent their status, whether they are a student, instructor, master, grand master, or other titles. This not only aids in maintaining a culture of respect but also allows individuals to recognise the appropriate respect to one another based on their rank.

Recognition of Achievements

Instructors utilise custom martial arts patches as a means of rewarding students for their achievements. Whether it's winning a fight, excelling in a tournament, or successfully passing a test, these patches, in addition to belts, play a significant role in the journey through different ranks. The act of earning a custom patch from their instructors serves as a powerful motivator for students, encouraging them to persist in their hard work and dedication. Wearing these patches with pride becomes a symbol of accomplishment that students can showcase to their peers.

Sense of Belonging

custom patches hold a special place in the hearts of martial art schools. Displaying the school's emblem or name on these patches not only fosters a sense of belonging among learners but also serves as a form of advertisement. 

Tournament Patches

Custom martial arts tournament patches play a pivotal role, serving as memorabilia for participants, winners, volunteers, and the audience. Crafted with event-specific details such as the name, location, logo, and catchphrase, these patches contribute to making the tournament a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Why Choose Aspinline For Martial Arts Patches?

We’re different to many businesses that offer custom martial arts patches in the UK, as we have the added advantage of instant pricing & ordering available online to let you know upfront the cost to bring your martial arts patch design to life. If you’d prefer to speak to a member of our team before placing an order, then you can easily make an enquiry online. Whether you have specific requirements or need assistance in finding the perfect custom martial arts patches for you, the Aspinline team is dedicated to helping you throughout the process.