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Meet Aspinline's Customers: Ali & Jam from hello DODO

Aspinline 28 / 06 / 18

hello DODO

Ali and Jam are the couple behind the online shop hello DODO! They both design and screenprint together from their garden studio in Worthing, West Sussex. They create fun and playful products that encourage positivity. We’ve been working with hello DODO since last year, and every project we’ve done with them has been an absolute pleasure. 

We had a chat with Ali and Jam after they received their recent “Just you tri and stop me” patches (pictured below), and found out about their experience working with Aspinline. Check out what they had to say!   

Triceratops Patch


What was your overall experience?

“We’ve been pretty blown away by the customer service from Aspinline right through from sending over initial designs to receiving the finished patches. Over the years we’ve worked with quite a few different suppliers and it can be a stressful process to get to the end result that you want and sometimes the communication is a bit painful even. With you guys, it’s been great! The thread chart allowed us to pick the colours that the embroidered patches would be, which was really crucial in recreating some of our best sellers. We also love that you let us know where we’re up to in every part of the process from production to shipping. That’s really key, so we can start planning to launch the products as soon as they arrive. Your communication is by far the best out of any suppliers we’ve worked with!” 


How was it working with the Aspinline team?

“Every experience has been great! We switched our patches to be made with you as even though the quality of our previous supplier was fantastic, their customer service was APPALLING and we were rapidly losing faith in them. They just didn’t seem to care in the slightest. Making sure our existing best selling designs stayed the same was going to be difficult, but Shannon helped us with the thread charts and made the whole process really easy. The patches actually ended up looking even better! It’s really consistent with you guys - our orders always play out the same. We feel confident that we know what we’re going to get, which is important in this industry.” 


Aspinline and Hello DODO patches


What are you using the “Just you tri and stop me” patches for?

“We’ve built up a bit of a patch range, it’s become one of the things we’re known for! Lots of our range already includes puns and motivational messages so this new dinosaur design fits in perfectly! A lot of our customers collect them and add them to their jackets or rucksacks.” 


How has Aspinline helped you?

“You’ve just made the process so easy from turning our designs in to the product that we want them to be. As a designer getting a product manufactured by an outside company is nerve wracking but time and time again you have impressed us. You tell us what’s going on throughout the whole process and we have the opportunity to double check everything. It’s that reassurance with you guys that we’re going to get a great product at the end. A lot of other designers we know get a lot of seconds back from their manufacturers - stuff they obviously wouldn’t feel comfortable selling unless heavily discounted. We’ve never had that issue with you guys. With our big orders, everything you guys have given us has been great.” 


Clever Gull Embroidered Patches


Can you tell us about the quality of your patch?

“Honestly, they’ve been perfect really. The colours are always exactly right and the details are great. When embroidering the detail can be a challenge especially with smaller words, but with you guys, it’s always been excellent.”


Would you recommend Aspinline products?

“Of course! When people ask us, we always tell them. We get asked at least once a week who we use! Our friend originally recommended you guys to us because we were looking for a manufacturer with better customer service. Our friend recommended you because of your unbelievable customer service and she was totally right!” 


Collection of Hello DODO patches


Sending a big thank you to Ali and Jam from hello DODO for speaking with us. It’s always great to hear from our customers :)  

If you would like to make a custom patch order just like Ali and Jam, you can order online here or contact us today - 0117 956 6657 / [email protected]