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Meet Aspinline’s Customers: Josh Garcia

Aspinline 12 / 07 / 19

Meet Josh Garcia

Meet Josh Garcia (Josh Garcia Artworks), a 25 year old Autistic Traditional Digital Artist, Cartoonist & Illustrator based in Sheffield, UK. 

We had the chance to speak to Josh about his latest project with Aspinline and found out more about his artwork. 

Tell us a bit about your creative journey and why you draw?

"Initially my artwork was a way I could express myself without being verbal and this I still do today especially through my work around anxiety and mental health. Family, friends and teachers were always commenting on how good my drawings were and they helped me set up my 'Josh Garcia's Artworks' Facebook page. Using social media enabled me to share my artwork further afield with 'likes' as far as Europe and the Americas. It makes me happy that my artwork is appreciated and enjoyed by so many people and this is leading me to try and sell some pictures and maybe become a successful artist in my own right."

What inspires you the most?

"I am lucky to be surrounded by people who constantly inspire me. Through me attending groups I see people who face difficulties every day and their determination to succeed is infectious which inspires me to give my very best."

Josh Garcia Patch

What do you usually do with your finished pieces?

"So far I have kept all my finished pieces in my portfolio. Some digital artwork I have taken prints of and sold when I took part in an exhibition. Also, we have some original pieces framed and up on the walls at home."

The patch that we've made for you features: Elijah the Autism Fairy - who is Elijah and how did you create him?

"Elijah the Autism Fairy was created at a transitional period in my life when I was leaving college and was not sure what the future would bring. He represents being proud of who you are and over the last six years since I first drew Elijah, I have used his image to promote an acceptance and awareness of Autism. One of my Elijah drawings was used to create the pin badge with Aspinline, which now 500 people are wearing with pride. I chose Elijah because it is a strong and powerful Hebrew name."

Josh Garcia Pin & Patch

How have you used past products from Aspinline and how will you be using your new patch?

"I used my Aspinline 'Elijah the Austism Fairy' pin badges to spread an awareness of Autism and make a little money to fund my art. I will be using my patches in a similar way, using t-shirts and sweatshirts, they will also be used as a form of advertisement for me as an artist. The quality of the patches is more than I expected. They are of a high standard with the colour and detail exactly replicating the image I sent."

What was your overall experience working with Aspinline?

"My overall experience working with Aspinline has been highly satisfactory and would recommend using Aspinline to others. I will also continue to use Aspinline for any of my future orders. The Aspinline team were very professional. They advised me regarding what colour and design would give the best results and I was sent a proof before going to production."

Josh Garcia Pin

Would you recommend Aspinline products?

"I would highly recommend Aspinline products because the overall finish is of a very high quality. Bright colours, good detail and being made to a high standard makes them appealing and desirable to others and good value for money."

Thank you to Josh for taking the time to chat with us. We love being able to play in part in helping his creations come to life!

If you would like to make custom patches just like Josh, you can order online here or contact us today - 0117 956 6657 / [email protected]