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Meet Aspinline's Customers: Nat Wagstaff from Pack Config

Aspinline 09 / 10 / 18

Meet Nat Wagstaff

Meet our customer Nat Wagstaff. He started Pack Config, a blog that’s primary goal is to help adventurists improve their packs. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or climbing, Pack Config is a place to be inspired with new methods of packing, refining your existing configuration or discovering new gear. Its aim is to help people stop thinking about what they’re carrying, and focus on what they’re doing. The community involved shares what they carry and shares advice about what to carry. Adventure lovers leave reviews of backpacks and other gear related to outdoor activities. There’s quite a big following here in the UK and stretching world wide into America.

We chatted with Nat after one of his latest orders, found out more about Pack Config and heard what he had to say about working with our team. Check it out!

How did you get started with Pack Config?

“I got started 5 years ago. It was the Trailwalker Challenge organized by Oxfam. It’s a fundraiser walk, 100 km in 30 hours with a team of four. In my research for a pack, I was drawn to the tactical, military styles that give you the ability to utilise what you’re doing. I then started posting pictures of backpacks I liked on a Tumblr blog. I also got into quite a few discussions with companies that made these backpacks. One of them sent me a pack to review and it just went from there. It’s grown to quite a sizable team of people around the worldsharing what they’ve learned to help others.”


Aspinline Pack Config Patches


What will you be using these patches for?

“Within the last year, I started a Facebook group of people who are interested in advancing what Pack Config does and how we can improve people's packs. I called this group Configeers. It’s made up of people with a variety of professions, backgrounds, and life experiences. They’ve been involved in a number of the new features on the blog and they inspire some fundamental changes including how the blog looks and the functionality of the pages. They help shape the patch designs in the store too. They’ve put in all this work and they’re passionate about helping people and what we’re doing. So I’ve offered this patch to them for free.”


Pack Config Configeer

What has been your overall experience working with us on this particular patch?
“Incredible! I definitely hesitated because I’ve used other companies who have offered a stitched up artwork sample for free, but you guys have both quality and you’re a UK based company - the two biggest things I was looking for. Thirty patch designs later, I have no regrets. Incredible, really.”


Glow in the dark Patch


How is it working with the Aspinline team?

“I think I’m a pain to work with. With all my work I aim to provide the best service I can. I demand quite a high quality, but you always have an answer for me. The team is always so friendly. You’re in a good place when you recognise the names of the people emailing you. It’s a great spot in a company when you recognise each other and are communicating well. James I’m quite often contacting, Shannon, Claudia and Laura as well.”


Aspinline Pack Config Patches


Can you tell us about the quality of your patch and about other Aspinline products you have ordered?

“I get a silly amount of comments about quality. Some other businesses in the outdoor market produce low quality patches. The products I’m producing with Aspinline really stand out. They’re above and beyond. I’ve used a number of American companies and every time I was let down. I’ve waited weeks, chasing a job and waiting for shipping. Aspinline is the only company I’ve never regretted coming back to. I’m always really proud of how my patches turn out.”


Aspinline Pack Config Patches


Would you recommend Aspinline products to others?

“Yes! I do... Frequently! As a graphic designer I get to design for a number of other companies and people. I recommend Aspinline all the time. I’ve been able to hook up quite a number of people with patches.”

We always love to learn more about our customers and get to know them. It was a pleasure to speak with Nat and hear more about Pack Config and all of the fantastic things he had to say about working with our team.

Would you like to make a custom patch order just like Nat? Order online here or contact us today - 0117 9566657 / [email protected] :)