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Mid Grit vs Non Mid Grit

Aspinline 19 / 10 / 18

Mid-Grit vs Non Mid-Grit

Have you ever wondered what the difference between Mid-Grit and Non Mid-Grit is? We’ve got the answers you’ve been looking for :)

In short, Mid-Grit, (also known as Sand Blasting) is a textured option we can add to the recessed metal areas of your metal products. Non Mid-Grit means the recessed metal areas will not be textured, and in most cases, shiny.

Here’s a closer look at the two options:  



Mid Grit


Mid-Grit is a type of texture that is added to Die-Struck Metal Products. It helps differentiate the levels of metal on pin badges, coins and keyrings, adding depth and helping to avoid large surface areas of shiny metal becoming marked or tarnished over time. Mid-Grit is completely optional and we don’t always add it.  


Non Mid-Grit:  


No Mid Grit


Die-Struck Metal products with a Non Mid-Grit recessed metal area will be shiny instead of textured. We tend not to add Mid-Grit for certain platings, such as Satin and Antique finishes.




Satin plating has an overall matte finish therefore texture is not really necessary.




Antique plating has an aged and matte finish, so again, texture is not a requirement to achieve definition on the badge. 


See all our plating options below:




Bonus tip!

Did you know we can add different intensities of Mid-Grit? We offer intensity 1, 2 and 3 from the disc image below. As standard, we use intensity number 2. But not only that! We offer other textures that can be used in the recessed areas of your metal products. For all texture options, see textures 4 to 12 below.




Our team of 5 Star Customer Service representatives will gladly help you determine whether Mid-Grit or Non Mid-Grit is right for your order. If you’d like more information or would like to order a Die-Struck Metal product, please order online here or contact us today - 0117 956 6657 / [email protected].

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