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Why Does Aspinline Have Minimum Orders?

Aspinline 16 / 09 / 19

Why Does Aspinline Have Minimum Orders?

Why does Aspinline have minimum orders? We have minimum order quantities for all our custom products, continue reading to find out why. 

The minimum order quantity is the lowest amount of a particular product you can order from us. (Our minimum order quantities can vary from product to product, so visit our Resource Centre to see the full list.)

See a full explanation below of why we set minimum orders. 

At Aspinline we do the following to create your custom products:

5 Star Customer Service Assessing & Quoting Order Processing
Offer a proven 5 Star Customer Service experience Assessing & quoting based on our experience and knowledge of the
products we sell
Order processing, which includes back and forth dialogue
via email and/or telephone

Artwork Creation

Unlimited Revisions

Die and Mould
Artwork creation & adaption Unlimited artwork revisions Die & mould creation

Mass Production

Quality Assurance

Mass production by a
skilled workforce
Finishing & quality assurance Delivery of a proven
high-quality product

Aspinline's high level of customer service, years of experience in artwork creation, production and delivery; demands a cost that is not covered by low quantity or one-off orders. Therefore we set minimum orders to cover the costs of our service and sustained product quality, whilst operating a commercially successful business. 

We do understand that people require quantities that are less than our minimums, (we wish we were able to help everyone), so if that's you, we suggest looking for 'cottage industries' that would be able to help you create individual products and/or have lower minimum orders. For example, if you are after less than 10 patches, you might want to try local embroiderers that offer direct embroidery or seek out online marketplace sellers. 

If you have any other questions about our minimum order quantities or would like to make your own custom order, please order online here or contact us today - 0117 956 6657 / [email protected].


  1. Starting from £7.10 £5.92
  2. Starting from £4.01 £3.34
  3. Starting from £4.42 £3.68
  4. Starting from £3.98 £3.32
  5. Starting from £0.44 £0.37
  6. Starting from £7.10 £5.92
  7. Starting from £3.98 £3.32
  8. Starting from £0.68 £0.57
  9. Starting from £3.36 £2.80
  10. Starting from £2.02 £1.68
  11. Starting from £0.92 £0.77
  12. Starting from £1.03 £0.86