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Which Type of Backing is Right For Your Custom Patch?

Aspinline 25 / 10 / 19

Which Backing For Your Patch

At Aspinline, we offer 4 different backing options for Custom Patches.


These are: Sew-On, Iron-On, Stick-On and Hook & Loop


Different backings from Aspinline


But which is the right backing for you?
This is dependant on how and where you will use the patches. 


See Aspinline's best advice and top tips below.




Sewing on a patch is by far the best way to apply a patch, and if done correctly is considered a permanent and reliable solution. 


Sew On


A patch that is sewn on correctly will withstand washes, contact sport, extreme situations and everything in between.

Did you know patches are sewn onto astronauts spacesuits?!

Patches are sewn on by hand or by using a sewing machine. Watch our handy 'How to Sew On Patches' video below!

Key Points: Will last a lifetime if sewn on correctly. 


Great For      Great For: Everything!



An Iron-On backing allows a patch to be applied with speed and ease. Heat is used to activate the Iron-On backing which then bonds to the material it is placed on.


Iron On


An Iron-On backing is NOT considered a permanent solution. 

Exposure to repeated high temperatures (tumble dryer and washing machine) and physical contact (sports) will cause the bond of an Iron-On patch to weaken. 

Our suggested uses:

  • As a placement tool: Once applied by heat, let the backing adhesive cool completely and then sew the patch on.
  • A convenient short term solution: If you need to apply patches for an event with limited time, use an Iron-On backing, but remember it's a short term solution


Something to consider and test:

Woven Patches are thinner than Embroidered Patches, and therefore when Woven Patches have an Iron-On backing, if applied correctly and to the right garment/material, are very strong.

Please request samples from Aspinline here to make sure Woven Iron-On patches are right for your purpose before making a full order.

See the video below for an example of this strong bond:

(Click here to see how we applied the Woven Patch.)

See the video below for an example of an Embroidered Patch bond.

(Click here to see how we applied the Embroidered Patch.)

See our 'How to Iron-On Patches' video below!

Our best suggestion if you are considering an Iron-On backing: Request samples from Aspinline here to make sure Iron-On patches are right for your purpose before making a full order. Sew patches on wherever possible. 

Not Suitable For     Not suitable for: 
  • Any item of clothing that will be washed regularly at high temperatures
  • Long Term Use
  • A Permanent Option
  • PVC Patches



Stick-On patches are ideal for temporary use. They are just like a sticker. Peel away the backing and simply stick your patch on. 




Stick-On patches are a great way to customise things like greetings cards, laptops, notebooks and much more. 

Patches with a Stick-On backing are NOT considered a permanent solution. 

Try to make sure the application of Stick-On patches is right first time, the bond will not be as successful the second time around.

Great For      Great For:
  • Short Term / One Day Events, Poker Tournaments, Sports Events, Race Days 
  • Laptops, Folders, Cards and Notebooks  

Hook & Loop


Hook & Loop backing is the ideal choice for patches that need to be changed frequently or easily transferable. 


Hook & Loop


We offer both parts of the Hook & Loop backing with our patches. As standard, the male hook part of the patch is sewn to the back of the patch, the female loop part of the patch is supplied as a separate section that is cut to shape. We can also swap this around if you prefer.

In many cases, you may not require the female loop part of the patch as its already present on your bag or jacket. 

Great For     Great For:
  • Armed Forces
  • Emergency Services
  • Public Services
  • Airsoft Teams and more

If you have any other questions about which backing to choose or if you would like to make your own custom order, please order online here or contact us today - 0117 956 6657 / [email protected]

Which backing for your patch?

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  2. Starting from £7.10 £5.92
  3. Starting from £7.10 £5.92